The Ubi Beta Tester Program is designed for early adopters of technology who want to see voice interaction with the environment and technology become prevalent and to help move forward the development of the Ubi. UCIC is launching this program to allow people to experiment with the Ubi and develop new ways of using the Ubi to make life a little easier.

The program is open to residents of the US and Canada. If you’re interested in participating, we invite you, after reading the Terms of Service to apply.


More on the Ubi...

Ubi plugs into a wall outlet and accesses the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection. It has two microphones and speakers and listens for commands. Saying "OK Ubi" wakes up the Ubi for receiving verbal commands. You can then instruct the Ubi to do your bidding - hands free. Ubi will receive plain language commands. The Ubi communicates back to you through speech or by using lights.

Out of the box, you can:

Customize your experience

With the Ubi, you can...

Settings for the Ubi can be accessed through The Ubi Portal at

We'll continue to roll out new features over the coming months, including:

Sense your world

Onboard the Ubi are sensors to monitor your environment:

This data can be stored online or used to trigger alerts to your mobile device or email.

A Helping Hand

We see a huge potential for Ubi to assist those who have visual, hearing, or mobility impairments. With its indicator lights and talk-to-activate functionality, Ubi is super simple to set up and use. We want the Ubi to make it easier for our parents and loved ones to stay connected with us and the world.

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